What is

Church Based Sports Ministry

MEBI is an Athletes in Action program that works in and through the local church.

We believe that the church is the official agency for the Kingdom of God on earth and our desire is to serve it in the best possible way. We believe that a relevant church is that which is inserted in the life of its community, and our proposal is to collaborate with the strengthening of the church/community interaction through sport.

It is our purpose to present the MEBI vision, train and accompany the church in the development of Sports Ministry and Discipleship.

In sport, we found an effective way to communicate the truth of the Gospel of Jesus in a clear and objective way; besides creating an environment that is propitious to the relationship between the people of the church and the community.


The differential of MEBI is that we do not want to simply hand out tools to the church, we wish to go beyond and with a solid partnership offer training and long term follow-up.

The first action in this partnership is the Athletes in Action Associates Training, which aims to capacitate the people from the partner church to serve in the church and through it in the community. The curriculum of this training includes sports ministry fundamentals, evangelism and discipleship fundamentals and ministry planning and execution.

After the training, the AIA associates can begin sports ministry at their church, counting with the periodic follow-up of an Athletes in Action missionary that will instruct the local church’s team in its formation. The Athletes in Action partner church, through MEBI, will receive other trainings, that shall be given during the partnership

with AIA, aiming to develop and potentialize the Sports Ministry planted in the church.

The partnership between AIA and the church will last through the necessary period for the partner church to consolidate its Sports Ministry.


What is Church Based Sports Ministry MEBI is an Athletes in Action program that works in and through the local church. We...

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