Community Project

The world of sports is in itself a great action field/target. This field grows from within Brazil in terms of language and reach due to the high indexes of involvement with sports in the nation.

The numbers still indicate that 80% of the planet recognizes the language of sport.

These facts endorse the strategy of Athletes in Action for the sending of volunteer missionaries in short duration trips. Trips that mobilize people willing to don ate part of their time during a short period to benefit others using sports tools.

Every volunteer lives an unique and transforming experience for their lives and that normally enriches the sports work in their own local churches when they return. These some of the benefits that Athletes in Action aims for in its mission sports trips, taking sports teams to the world to support local churches, organizations and even our partners in AIA International.

Truly, this is a great opportunity for transformation that begins individually, then extends to the local community and results in an impact and in practical actions when the volunteers return to their local churches.

Stay tuned and be part of a trip like this.

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