A Word from the Director

About to reach the 50 year mark since its foundation, Athletes in Action has reached ever more people from 60 countries through its great mark and reason to exist: Sport.

Present in Brazil for more than 30 years, AIA has worked a lot, especially developing impactful ministries with churches, organizations and athletes of every level of performance, which makes us happy and confident that we are walking in the right direction. However, I believe that what we are going to live in the next years will be the best years for AIA of all time s.

For that, we have planted confidence, respect, proximity and a lot of joy, extremely important values for the good practice of sport, as well as for the relationships we are building in this great race of life and in our ministerial marathon.

This reflects every day in the churches that have associated with us and in the results in their communities.

The possibilities being presented to us are countless, and we are confident that soon our acting will extend to sports camps, chaplaincy of clubs and athletes, short missionary trips through sport (both national and international), projects in major sports events; not to mention the dream of walking together with athletes acting on Paralympic sports.

Like in a race, we cannot stop amidst the difficulties in the race, we can even see the finish line – far away; but what motivates us is to know that there is a lot of people running with us, and we’ll cross the finish line together.

I walk towards the finish line reaffirming that we gr owing towards our dream: to see a spiritual movement lived through sport in Brazil.

Join us in this great movement and become another associate of Athletes in Action.


National Director



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