Today the planet understands the sports language perfectly and around 80% of people are included in it. In Brazil it is no different, more than 80% are involved with sport, and that goes from talking about this week’s football championship round, to the ones practicing it in high-level.

In this scenario, high-profile athletes have stood out for their influence amongst society, and in this sense, Athletes in Action has produced for years, movies with brilliant stories of athletes and distributed it around the world.

Normally, Athletes in Action takes advantage of the scenario and environment of major sports events, and coincidentally, Brazil has lived 2 of the greatest sports events of the last year (Pan-American and the World Cup), to produce the movies with the testimonies of influential athletes from around the world.

The DVDs have impacted the lives of high-profile athletes, fans, sports professionals and spectators that identify themselves with the language, the stories and the athletes.

Meet some of the titles produced by Athletes in Action in Struggle & Triumph



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