AIA Principles

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The gospel applied to sports, experienced through sports and spoken in the language of sports

A Christian involved in sports often has diffculty knowing how his or her relationship with Christ relates to sports. The Christian athlete faces several tough and sometimes confusing questions:


  • What should be my motivation in competition?
  • How do my faith and my sport mix?
  • Will God keep me from getting injured in competition?
  • Am I spending too much time on my sport?


What differentiates competition that pleases God from that which doesn’t please God?


The principles you are about to look at will guide you in answering these questions and many more you may have. Each of the ve principles takes a story from the Bible and applies the biblical principle from that story to sports and competition. They cover topics like idolatry, motivation, identity, growth, pain and perspective.

As you study these principles and begin to live them out, your life can literally be transformed. Romans 12:1, 2 tells us that we should not try to conform to the pattern of the world, but instead be transformed by God’s renewing truth.

The beautiful thing about these principles is that they are God’s principles from His Word, and they don’t just apply to sports. They can be applied to any area of life. So don’t just limit them to your sports career. Apply them to your studies, business, relationships, nances … every area of life.


Download a simple study guide for each of the 5 AEA principles:




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